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The Chrysler Voyager LX CRD has the discerning advantage of being able to offer the robustness and build quality of larger mini coaches and the sheer luxury of executive saloons. These observations are quite apparent and are easily noticed by any group that wish to travel in it.

It's functionality, reliability and amenities make it the first choice within the category of group carriers. Spacious and relaxing, any journey is guaranteed to be enjoyable and extremely comfortable. Its safety standards are second to none in it's class, primarily due to the innovations of it's engineering and computerised technologies.

At McCaffrey Coaches we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most luxurious journeys possible. To this end, we have outfitted our top-of-the-range people carrier, the Chrysler Voyager LX CRD, with the top-of-the-range materials, facilities and in-coach audio and visual systems.

No expense has been spared to bring you to your destination in the most comfortable and pleasurable surroundings.